I hope you are all keeping safe and well during these trying times.

This year has certainly been one that will be etched in my mind for many years to come.

Earlier this year, I had signed on for an artist studio space in my local city. I was excited and started to move in some shelving units. Then we were all hit with the devastating reality of this global pandemic, COVID-19. I have been hanging in there, hoping for an answer that would allow my two boys to return to school in a safe environment and finally allowing me to get back to my new studio space.

The pandemic has continued to grow at an alarming rate causing so much devastation and heartache. So many of us are isolated and continue to navigate ways to stay safe, healthy and sane.

As time goes on, uncertainty grows. I recently made the tough decision to pull out of my studio space, the same space I so looked forward too inhabiting. While I have had to forgo this opportunity, I am fortunate to make space at home dedicated to making art. For now, I will continue to create and develop my art practice from home.

As I rearrange to develop a creative space I have been reflecting on much of my completed artwork. This compilation draws upon both previous work and other works created during this period as an e-catalogue of original artwork and is directly available for purchase.

You can view my Method | e-catalogue on my website here.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Kerrie x

To Enter or Not to Enter?

To Enter or Not to Enter?

It is the beginning of a new year and so comes the perpetual cycle of Art Prizes. I ask myself the question, ‘do I enter or not?’

I think of myself as a fairly even keeled kind of person. I don’t allow too many things ‘ruffle my feathers’. But when it comes to Art Prizes blimey, I feel my emotions, if graphed, would resemble a chronic liar taking a polygraph test.

Yes, my work is worthy and I should put ‘my hat in the ring’. Oh Kerrie, forget it. Just enter multiple prizes and don’t give them another thought.

Not that these kinds of emotions are the end of the world but I am always amazed at the height of my excitement to read, ‘your work has been accept’ to the plummets of ‘thank you for entering our Art Prize, unfortunately’, and that’s where I stop reading. I have returned to the place where I begin to prepare for the journey, of what feels like, a mountaineer commencing the climb of a great Swiss Alp and once I claw my way to the top of the peak, I begin the process all over again.

Art is a journey and I am hooked on being an Artist. Art Prizes or not, I will keep creating for my own well being.